1847 Flours

"We stone mill locally grown organic grains from our farm. Never bleached, never anything added, 100% natural”

Our Flours

Bread Flour

Like all our flours our bread flour is made using 100% certified organic hard red wheat. This flour produces a great texture to your bread. Your dough will have a smooth elastic consistency due to the high protein content of hard red wheat.

Cake & Pastry

Our light fluffy organic grain unfortified cake and pastry flour makes it possible to create delicate delicious pasties and cakes. Works just like conventional cake and pastry flour with a fresh nutty flavour. Try it in your next pastry crust or cake!

All Purpose

Made using Organic Hard Red Wheat. The higher protein makes great breads, pizza doughs and anything else you can think of! Try it and see the flavour your baking has been missing all these years! You can subsitute all purpose flour for our daily grind flour directly.

Red Fife

Red Fife is a grain that originated in Scotland and was brought over here in the 1800’s. Red Fife is a heritage grain that has been said to be Canada’s oldest wheat variety. Try it today!

Rye Flour

Our light and dark organic grain stone ground rye flour is perfect for bread! Freshly stone ground rye flour add a great flavour to your rye or multigrain breads. Taste the difference fresh ground flour can make to your baking.

Whole Wheat

Our “Run of the Mill” is also made using Organic Hard Red Wheat, this whole wheat flour is a great addition to your breads! The high protein level of the hard red wheat produces the perfect amount of gluten while still having the earthiness of whole wheat.

Kind Words from Our Customers ...

"Our unbleached unfortified flours allows anyone to continue to use their favourite recipes while improving the flavour of their baking."