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All our flours are certified organic and NON-GMO, ensuring the highest quality ingredients for your baking. Plus, our flours are unfortified therefore not enriched with iron, folic acid or additives of any kind.

Recipes to try with 1847 flours

Hearty Khorasan Pancakes

This hearty pancake has hints of carrot cake

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Easy & Versatile High Hydration Sourdough

This recipe is what I have found works best for me – it’s forgiving.

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Learn the 1847 Challah, Sponge Technique.

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Benefits of home milling

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In an age where convenience often takes precedence over quality, there’s a growing movement back towards traditional, hands-on methods of food preparation. One such trend is the home milling of flour. If you’re passionate about baking, cooking, or simply ensuring the best quality ingredients for your family, owning a home mill can be a game-changer. […]

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how to choose your sourdough culture

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San Fransisco – (moderate sourness) The authentic San Francisco sourdough culture is a living heritage, boasting a special blend of Candida humilis wild yeast and Lactobacillus San Francisco bacteria. Their century-long partnership creates a unique symbiosis absent in most commercial yeasts. This harmony gives San Francisco sourdough its unmistakable tang and texture, making it a […]

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1847 Gifting Guide

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1847 Ston Milling Gift Guide: The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and indulgence. This year, gift culinary creativity with carefully curated presents from 1847. Whether your loved ones are seasoned bakers or aspiring chefs, our selection promises to delight their senses and inspire their kitchen adventures. Let’s explore the perfect gifts for […]

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relit pet litter


Revolutionizing pet waste: At 1847 Stone Milling, we embarked on a mission rooted in sustainability, innovation, and genuine care for our environment. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create the highest quality, eco-conscious organic flour in Canada. With the unwavering support of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, we not only achieved this goal […]

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“I just want to thank you for your flour.  It makes amazing breads that taste so much better than store bought flour.  I have been converted.  From now on, I only buy from you.  Thanks for opening my eyes.”


“I just wanted to say thank you, and tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful products.  I recently purchased a Bouquet of Flours (great marketing, lol) and some extra bread flour and rye flour.  I’m a hobby baker, and I recently started learning how to make sourdough bread.  The first loaf I made with my 1847 flour was by far the best I’ve made so far.  The bread came out lovely, soft, chewy and I swear we taste notes of honey.  I can absolutely taste the quality in your products.”


“Just want to send a quick note to say how happy I am I found your company- it’s too bad it took a pandemic to do so- your flour is great and your service is wonderful.”

Patrick L.

“Tried your flour for the first time and very impressed!!!”

Sam C.

“What you are doing is very important.  I wish you nothing but success.”


“I love your flour!  I shared some with my co-worker and she did also.  Its so much better than anything you could get at the grocery store.”

Pauline K.

“I love your flours.”

Kajus K

“Just wanted to thank you for the flour, I have received it yesterday and baked some rustic bread today… the flavour is amazing, so filling from one slice, love the nutty smell of the flour. It is just perfect for bread, I have been looking for some time for the real deal flour….”

Alina B.

“Rye bread from your grains is the best I  have ever made”

Jolanta G

“The flavour is amazing. And truly the taste of your flour is incomparable. I can’t imagine using any other flour anymore.”

Diana D

“My sourdough baking has improved greatly, and my family and friends thank you!”

Linda K

“I received a shipment of flour and have been baking sourdough with your whole wheat flour and it’s fantastic. Thanks very much.”

Derek O.

“I have been using your flour for over a year now and I just love it! My pie crusts are amazing and I feel good about using healthy flour!”

Cheryl C

“Your customer service has earned you a very happy customer. I will definitely spread the word and encourage my family and friends to try 1847 flour for themselves. Thanks again”

Yanik B.

“We love your flours”

Marzena C

“Thank you for such a wonderful flour. We’ve been spoiled and don’t use any other!”

Maureen S.

“Since I arrived back from France (where I lived for 30 years), I’ve been using my sourdough (originating from the Champagne region NE of Paris) with various flours. Your Daily Grind at 66% hydration produced the best best bread of my long baking career. Many thanks!”

George W

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