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Khorasan is an ancient grain originating in the Khorasan region of the East/Northeast regions of Persia. Khorasan trade name is Kamut. It is considered an ancient grain because it has been largely unchanged genetically over the past 200 years.
Khorasan kernels are larger than conventional wheat and have a beautiful gold colour. The grain itself has a lot of warm familiar flavours like cinnamon and cardamom. It has been gaining popularity due to its ease of digestion and health benefits for non-Celiac gluten-sensitive individuals. It has also been found to lower cholesterol compared to conventional white flour.
It is a great addition to bread, pasta, and everyday baking. Our Khorasan Flour is milled to a medium coarseness, like our Red Fife and Rye.




Medium – 14% Protein

Baking suggestions:

  • Sourdough breads
  • Pasta
  • Everyday Baking

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