Our farmhouse was built in 1847.
It is one of the oldest buildings in our county.

About 1847

As farmers we know the importance of the food we grow, as we are Foodland Ontario Certified! We are proud to be able to help feed our community and our country with our crops. We have a special connection to our farm and we would love to share our farms story with you.

After our parents purchased the farm in 2009 from a family friend we asked him the history of the farm. Dr. and Mrs. Longfield had paper work dating back to the very first people who worked the land. Those people were the Flewellings who passed the farm down to a daughter who married a Warmington, who sold it to The Bailey’s, who sold it to The Longfield’s who sold it to our family.

The farmhouse was built in 1847. It is one of the oldest buildings in our county. It has survived many storms and seen many different owners. It was abandoned in the 30’s and it was said that the local Fergus hockey team used to have parties in the house. At one time almost burning it down! Through it all the house stood strong. The Longfield’s completely renovated the home in the 1967 for Canada’s centennial. It is a quaint little place that we call home.

“After grinding small amounts of flour for our personal use we decided in late 2013 to bring in a stone burr flour mill from Austria. We work hard to produce high quality easy to use flours for our customers.”

The 1847 Team

1847 Stone Milling Family

McKeown Family

Melissa , Sasha, Bronwyn, Graham, and Ian.


Trevor is the professional farmer. He takes care of several hundred acres of land and cares for many Clydesdale horses. Click here to see more information about our Clydesdale farm. Trevor is a minimum 5th generation farmer