Cover Crops

October 2021 Farm Update

During fall, we often cover up with warm sweaters and blankets to shelter from the elements. While our fields deserve to be cozy over the winter as well and so farmers are planting cover crops now that their primary crops have been harvested. Cover crops have been used for centuries in agriculture, but their benefit […]

1847 Stone Milling Organic Week

Organic Week

Happy Organic Week! We thought this would be a great time to share some of our organic facts and stats with you! Did you know only NON-GMO grains can be certified organic!  All our grains and flours are Certified Organic through Ecocert Canada. No glyphosates (Round-up) can be used on a certified organic crop. It […]

Bringing in the Wheat

September 2021 – Farm Update

Bringing in the wheat! As we mentioned in our last farm post, all the wheat is in! You may have heard in the news about wheat shortages in Western Canada due to poor growing conditions. Western Canada saw record-breaking droughts and many crops did not materialize throughout the growing season. Ontario happened to have amazing […]


July Farm Update

It is time! The wheat has ripened in Southwestern Ontario and farmers are beginning the harvest. The first harvest of wheat in 2021 would have been planted in the fall of 2020. Wheat planted in the fall is called winter wheat. They sprout after being planted and then they overwinter in the field under the […]

Summer Promo (Sold Out)

Right now when you spend $40 or more you will receive a free metal maple leaf with your order!

Rural Roads

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the ground is thawing and the rural roads are a mess! Throughout most of the year, gravel roads (or dirt roads by slang) make for an enjoyable drive. However, early in the spring, when the frost begins to melt, they end up looking more like a […]

ontario rainbow

Earth Day at 1847 Stone Milling

One thing we are very proud of at 1847 Stone Milling is that we don’t just celebrate Earth day on April 22nd we celebrate each and everyday. Throughout the year we focus on regenerative practices which restore the soil and sequester carbon! We started this company to make the best flour for people while protecting […]

Metal Daffodil

Spring Daffodil Promo! (SOLD OUT)

Spring has spring! We could not be happier that Spring has arrived! With every purchase of $40 or more we will be adding a free metal yellow daffodil to your order! (1 flower per order while supplies last) Perfect for dressing up a flower pot, window box, or stick it right in the ground with […]

Women on the Farm

This month we celebrate Women in agriculture! Women have always played a crucial role in farming and with more machinery used on the farm, physical strength does not define a great farmer.  Women made a lot of progress in the 1940’s, taking over a large share of the farm work when many men went to […]

1847 featured on Matthew James Duffy’s blog!

A Basic and Simple Sourdough Tin Loaf Featuring 1847 Daily Bread Flour   About Matthew: Hi I’m Matt, a trained chef, baker and sourdough enthusiast with over 15 years of industry experience. I’m here to share tips, tricks and some of my favourite recipes to help you become a better cook and baker in your […]