1847 Featured in a Food Focus Podcast

Our Owner, Melissa, featured in a Food Focus Podcast! Flour Power – Life as a Micro Miller “Flour has never been cooler. Temporary shortages coupled with a surge in baking as people are staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought flour into the mainstream. In this episode, Mike talks to Melissa McKeown who […]

2019 Holiday Photo Contest

Photo Contest!!!! For the month of December, we will be running a photo contest where we want to see what you are baking this holiday season with 1847 flours! Winner will be announced in the New Year and will receive a bouquet of flours! How to participate: 1. Post your best baking shot on social […]

From Grain to Glass – Spirt of York

From Grain to Glass – Spirt of York “When you can’t find what you’re looking for, sometimes it’s best to do it yourself. That’s exactly what Melissa McKeown did when her and her brother started @1847flours (Fergus, ON) back in 2014.” Get it at Spirit of York

1847 Stone Milling in Chatelaine Magazine

What Is Fresh Flour (And How To Use It) “Fresh-milled flour from a stone mill is just like fresh-cracked pepper. It has more flavour to it,” says Melissa McKeown, who owns 1847 Stone Milling in Fergus, Ontario. Think of it as flour milled the old-fashioned way. The process grinds the entire grain (including the oil-and-nutrient-filled […]

Red Fife Wheat Vodka – Spirit of York

Red Fife Wheat Vodka – Spirit of York   Red Fife wheat was the original wheat grown in Canada in the early 1800’s. Spirit of York now uses our Heritage grain to distill Spirit of York Red Fife Wheat Vodka. They source our Red Fife wheat from Fergus, Ontario, where it is still grown organically […]

How to make 1847 pizza with an outdoor oven – ChefD

How to make 1847 pizza with an outdoor oven!

Why cold stone milled?

By milling the entire grain at a very low temperature we retain all the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and oils. No need to fortify! Conventional mills superheat their grains and remove the hull before milling to increase the volume/yield  and maintain a long shelf life.

Why do conventional flours chemically bleach their flour?

Before chemical bleaching was discovered mills used to let their flour sit for approximately 12 weeks to develop the gluten, through natural oxidation in from the air.  Since the chemical bleaching process was discovered mills  were able to mill and ship in a very short period of time without having to store the flour. This […]

What is the difference between fresh milled flour and bleached flour?

Fresh milled bread flour has different properties than bleached bread flour. Bleached literally means when the flour turns from a brown colour to white. Oxygen in the air reacts with the flour to turn it white. This natural oxidation process helps develop the gluten in the flour, making the dough stretchy. If you like a […]

Where do our grains come from?

We try to source all our grains from local Ontario farmers. Some grains such as Kamut, don’t grow well in our Ontario climate. Those are sourced from Western Canada. All our grains are from Canadian farms. Our farm is currently in transition from conventional to organic. Our hope is to produce certified organic grains for […]