how to choose your sourdough culture

Choosing Your Sourdough Culture

San Fransisco – (moderate sourness) The authentic San Francisco sourdough culture is a living heritage, boasting a special blend of Candida humilis wild yeast and Lactobacillus San Francisco bacteria. Their century-long partnership creates a unique symbiosis absent in most commercial yeasts. This harmony gives San Francisco sourdough its unmistakable tang and texture, making it a […]

1847 Gifting Guide

Baking Bliss: Unwrap Joyful Moments with 1847’s Holiday Gifts

1847 Ston Milling Gift Guide: The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and indulgence. This year, gift culinary creativity with carefully curated presents from 1847. Whether your loved ones are seasoned bakers or aspiring chefs, our selection promises to delight their senses and inspire their kitchen adventures. Let’s explore the perfect gifts for […]

relit pet litter

Revolutionizing pet waste: reLit’s Eco-Conscious Journey

Revolutionizing pet waste: At 1847 Stone Milling, we embarked on a mission rooted in sustainability, innovation, and genuine care for our environment. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create the highest quality, eco-conscious organic flour in Canada. With the unwavering support of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, we not only achieved this goal […]

1847 Flours in Summer

Flour Storage & Battling Summer Pests

As we dive into the second half of the summer we would like to share some valuable insights about pests and how you can safeguard your precious flour and grains from these pesky creatures. We take immense pride in our commitment to providing you with the finest quality products, and we believe it’s crucial to […]

Graham Flour

Flour you can feel good about

At 1847 Stone Milling, we believe that the whole berry is where all the good stuff is! That’s why we make sure to use the entire berry during our milling process, leaving in all the nutritious germ, endosperm and some bran. We don’t believe in taking any shortcuts, so our flour is made by milling the […]

Winter 2022 Farm Update

Winter is an important season for Ontario farmland, especially when it comes to soil health. Here are a few reasons why: Winter helps to improve soil structure. When the ground is frozen, it allows the soil to settle and compact, which can help to improve its structure and make it more fertile. This is especially […]

Honey Harvest

Farm Update – Honey Harvest

We have been keeping a little secret at our farm. Last year we started our journey in apiculture! We had a harsh winter and lost our hives to the varroa mite. This spring, we started over with two different types of bees, hoping the genetic diversity would improve our overwintering numbers. Each weekend we check […]

Now Selling Mockmill

We are excited to share that we are now selling Mockmills!! Now you can mill our grains right in your own home! These mills are easy to use, high performance, and made in Germany. Shop the collection!

Metal Rose Art

Mother’s Day Special – Metal Roses

As a special Mother’s Day offer, we have created custom 1847 metal roses. Brighten up your indoor or outdoor space with one of our custom metal roses made by a local artisan. Plus – For a limited time receive one of our custom metal roses with the purchases of one of our bouquets.  (Limited time […]

Welcoming March with our first Merch!

New Product Alert! We are excited to share that we are now selling our very own Swedish Dishcloths! These Swedish dishcloths replace approximately 17 rolls of paper towels and absorb up to 20x their weight. Just like our packaging, these cloths are made from all natural materials so they are entirely compostable when you are done using […]