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Run of the Mill Whole Wheat

Pizza Crust

Toasted Oats


While all of 1847 Stone Milling flours are milled whole grain, this specialty flour is milled coarse and sifted through a large screen to produce a full body ideal for your whole grain baking, roti and chapati. Made with a blend of hard red wheat sourced seasonally from Ontario or Western Canada, the finished flour is grain brown and well textured. The coarse grind gives flavours of pizza crust and toasted oats with hints of walnut. For best results with sourdough, a longer autolyse can soften the bran or a mix of Daily Bread flour and the Run of the Mill whole wheat provide exceptional results.


Grain Brown


Coarse – 13.5% Protein

Baking suggestions:

  • Roti and chapati
  • Sourdough bread
  • Whole wheat baking

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