Earth Day at 1847 Stone Milling

April 22, 2021by melissa

One thing we are very proud of at 1847 Stone Milling is that we don’t just celebrate Earth day on April 22nd we celebrate each and everyday. Throughout the year we focus on regenerative practices which restore the soil and sequester carbon! We started this company to make the best flour for people while protecting the planet as well. It only makes sense to produce a product that leaves the world a little better than how we found it. You will be proud to use 1847 flour thanks to our commitment.

The Grain: We use only organic grains grown on healthy land where soil sequesters carbon permanently. No petroleum derived chemical fertilizers or herbicides or pesticides are ever used. We buy our grain in bulk from the farmers to avoid any unnecessary packaging and work with local farmers wherever possible.

Milling: We use solar panels to offset our power usage from our electric motors throughout the mill. We take this very serious and even produce more power then we use!

Packaging:  We chose to use 100% paper bags with cotton stitching so they may be composted or recycled.  We also buy our boxes from box recyclers that focuses on repurposing clean cardboard boxes. This drastically reduces the carbon intensity of our packaging.

Transportation: For the majority of our customers the flour is shipped directly to their front door. This avoids several warehousing transportation steps making it the greenest way to get you your flour.