February 2021 – Farm Update

February 18, 2021by melissa
A favourite pastime in the country is to go snowmobiling. This year has been an exceptional season for southern Ontario trails. Trails are run in Ontario predominantly by OFSC .  They depend on local farmers and rural land owners to volunteer strips of land for the trails to run.  The snowmobiles do cause compaction and other setbacks in the fields but that is something farmers are willing to deal with in the spring so people can get out on the trails and enjoy parts of rural Ontario.

Amazingly through the support of farmers in Ontario there is a trail network that spans more than 30,000km. For respect to the land owners, the trails are clearly marked and riders are asked to stay on the marked trails. Some fields have crops that are more sensitive to snowmobile traffic such as winter wheat. These varieties of wheat are planted in the fall and the young seedling lays dormant over the winter.  Traffic on this crop can cause it to die off. So sticking to the posted trails is very important.

We hope to see you on the trails but remember to practice your snowcial distancing.