Organic Week

September 15, 2021by melissa

Happy Organic Week! We thought this would be a great time to share some of our organic facts and stats with you!

  1. Did you know only NON-GMO grains can be certified organic!  All our grains and flours are Certified Organic through Ecocert Canada.
  2. No glyphosates (Round-up) can be used on a certified organic crop.
  3. It takes 3 years for a farm to become certified organic. During this time no chemical fertilizers/ pesticides or herbicides can be used.
  4. It takes one acre of land to produce 1,000kg’s of bread flour.
  5. It takes about 43 sqft of Ontario Farmland to make enough flour for 1 sourdough loaf of bread (1kg loaf).
  6. Certified Organic grains can cost up to 5x the price of conventional grains.
  7. At 1847 Stone Milling we believe that healthy complex soils make flavour rich good quality grains.


Type of flour

Hard Wheats

Bread Flour, Whole wheat flour

Soft Wheats

Cake and Pastry flour

Blends of hard and soft wheat

All- purpose flour

  1. Did you know wheat can be planted in the spring or the fall. Each variety of wheat specializes in specific traits/characteristic. Ex. Winter hardy, high protein, increased endosperm, drought resistant.     
  2. All our grains are proudly sourced in Ontario from small family farms and elevators. Supporting our local community!